About the 2nd District

West Virginia's Second Congressional District is a vast region stretching along the Ohio River Valley in the west, through Randolph County and across the Appalachian Mountains, and finally east to the Potomac River and Jefferson County in the state's eastern panhandle.

Its residents work in the state capitol of Charleston, commute to the nation's capitol of Washington and work in industries like manufacturing, mining, technology, agriculture and medicine. While the Kanawha Valley serves as the historic seat of state government, the eastern panhandle is home to some of the state's most impressive economic growth.

Much of the district's economic prosperity stems from the state's plentiful natural resources of coal and natural gas, along with technological innovations to promote new clean energy technology. It also has a strong government and financial sector in Charleston, and is home to the state's historic apple orchards in Berkeley and Hampshire Counties.

In addition to its economic foundation, the district can boast historic landmarks like the birthplace of General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson in Lewis County, the site of John Brown's raid at Harpers Ferry and the family farm of the nation's first president, George Washington.

Visitors to the district often come to trek the beautiful terrain of West Virginia's rolling hills and mountains, and visit natural landmarks like Seneca Rocks in Pendleton County.

Most importantly, the district is home to hard-working West Virginians committed to their neighbors and to their communities.