Economy and Jobs

Over the last year, our nation has experienced tremendous strains on our economy. The faltering national housing market started an economic slowdown that is now reaching most sectors of the economy, including the pocket-books of families in the Mountain State. Addressing these concerns to protect and support West Virginia families and small business owners is a top concern for Congresswoman Capito.

She believes we must have a low-tax, pro-growth economic policy to encourage job creation and economic investment. 


Our country’s national debt now exceeds $16 trillion – over $51,000 for every American - including children and the elderly.  America’s annual budget deficit has exceeded $1 trillion for four consecutive years.  Congresswoman Capito believes that if our debt situation is not addressed, we will not leave a strong America to our children and grandchildren. 

Just as families across America follow family budgets, Congress must set priorities that reflect the values of families across West Virginia.  Investments should be made in areas such as infrastructure and medical research where Americans will see a return on their tax dollars.  The American people expect political leaders to come together to address our country’s debt.  

She strongly believes that the federal government must remain engaged to set the stage for economic growth, protect West Virginia jobs and create new ones, but she also knows that taxpayers deserve to know that their tax dollars are spent wisely.