Energy Independence

West Virginia is a leader in producing secure, domestic, reliable and affordable American energy. Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito advocates for an all-of-the-above energy policy that uses West Virginia’s coal and natural gas, North American oil reserves, and renewable energy to make our nation more energy secure and less dependent on energy from hostile nations.

Thanks to our country’s abundant reserves of coal, natural gas, and oil, America can become energy independent and rid ourselves of our dependence on imports from volatile parts of the world – but only if we pass policies that allow us to maximize our resources here at home.

Making use of our energy resources in West Virginia and across America will provide good jobs for our citizens, enhance our national security, and make our nation less vulnerable to sharp price fluctuations that occur due to our reliance on foreign energy sources. Shelley will continue working for a truly all-of-the-above energy plan that avoids picking winners and losers and instead focuses on energy independence through development of all of our energy resources.

Shelley believes in responsible production of all of our natural resources and will continue to fight against the Obama administration’s excessive and punitive regulations aimed at reducing the production and demand for West Virginia coal. As the co-chairwoman of the Congressional Coal Caucus, Shelley fights to protect the jobs of miners as well as the truckers, contractors, railroad employees, utility workers, and many others whose jobs have been placed at risk by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory efforts targeting coal. 

Shelley also believes in examining the economic impacts of energy legislation, as she has seen firsthand how many West Virginia families have struggled in the wake of anti-coal regulations. She has introduced legislation that would require the EPA to perform an economic assessment of any regulation that would hurt employment and to hold public hearings in local communities adversely affected by regulatory decisions.

West Virginians are proud to produce the energy that powers our country. Our state has, however, experienced tragic accidents in our coal mines. In the wake of the Sago Mine accident, Shelley was a leader in passing the MINER Act to improve mine rescue technologies and enhance the safety of all coal miners in America.