Capito, Johnson Protecting Manufacturing Jobs In Appalachia


Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., joined Congressman Bill Johnson, R-OH, in sending a bipartisan letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson urging the agency to carefully review and use the most-up-to-date science when finalizing a new rule that will affect steel manufacturers and hundreds of jobs along the Ohio River.

“This is something we’ve seen over and over from this EPA—regulations coming out of Washington are hurting the economy and destroying jobs.  The EPA has attempted to dismantle the coal industry through regulation and the consequences have been disastrous; dozens of coal-fueled fire plans and factories have shut down across the country,” stated Capito. 

“Nearly 500 jobs are at risk if this rule goes forward.  With the EPA’s new proposed rule affecting steel manufacturers, I want to ensure that the EPA is using the most up-to-date scientifically proven data.  I’ve fought to make sure that the EPA considers jobs and the economy when making decisions.  My legislation to turn this suggestion into law passed the House but is awaiting action in the Senate,” stated Capito.  “We need to look at these rules and regulations in full circle, weighing how they will affect the economy and the environment.” 

“The Obama administration’s attack on jobs and free enterprise by out-of-control government regulation must end. This proposed rule by the EPA could cost nearly 500 direct steel industry jobs along the Ohio River, and will cripple America's ability to manufacture the steel needed for everything from automobiles to household products to major defense systems. This is a threat to our economy and our national security, and it is totally unacceptable. President Obama says that he wants to put America back to work, yet his administration is actively working to put more Americans in the unemployment line,” said Bill Johnson. “With each passing month of high employment, we are reminded that President Obama’s policies have failed America and continue to make our economy worse. There’s no doubt that we need to protect public health, BUT we can do so without forcing Americans out of their jobs and driving manufacturers out of business.”

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“National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Ferroalloys Production” (76 FR 72508.):

This proposed rule would supplement existing regulations and require ferroalloys production facilities to install additional costly emissions control equipment.  The President has directed federal agencies in Executive Order 13563 to base regulations on the best available science, and to employ the least burdensome tools for achieving regulatory ends.

Manganese ferroalloys are a critical ingredient of steelmaking and are important to national interests.  A Department of Commerce investigation found that ferroalloy production is critical to national defense.  Plant closures would impact over 450 high wage manufacturing jobs, mostly among members of the United Steel Workers Union, with dramatic negative impacts on the struggling communities of Marietta, Ohio and Letart, West Virginia