For many Mountain State seniors, Medicare is an integral part of their healthcare services, particularly for the thousands of West Virginians who participate in the Medicare Part D prescription drug program.

Many of the policies and procedures can be complicated, and members of Shelley's staff may be of assistance to seniors who need help understanding, navigating or managing their Medicare benefits.

Please contact her Charleston office at (304) 925-5964 or send her a preliminary message here. The congresswoman's staff will likely ask that you complete a Privacy Act Release form before they can begin your case.

You may also find helpful information at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website.

For more information about the assistance Shelley and her staff may be able to provide, please visit How Shelley Can Help You. For information about the congresswoman's efforts to improve access to quality affordable health care, along with other programs for West Virginia seniors, please visit her legislative pages for Health Care and Seniors.