Capito Votes To Repeal Healthcare Law

Focused on implementing patient-centered, affordable reforms

Today, Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, R.W.Va., voted for H.R. 2 to repeal the job-destroying, bureaucratic healthcare law: 

“This evening, the U.S. House of Representatives proved that we are listening to the American people.  The healthcare law passed in the 111th Congress is emblematic of the closed door, legislative trickery that the American people refuted last November.  The 2,200 page bill was rushed through Congress without ample time for proper debate or needed changes.  As a result, the healthcare law is laden with job-destroying mandates, costly regulations and an unprecedented government intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship. 

“Prior to its passing, the Democrats and the President promised that their law would make healthcare more affordable, decrease the deficit and allow patients to keep their coverage—laudable goals we all want to achieve.  Unfortunately, some estimates indicate that 87 million Americans will have to change their coverage, premiums will rise for millions of families and seniors may lose their retiree prescription drug coverage.  All told, the healthcare law includes over $500 billion in taxes and $2.6 trillion in new government spending.

“As a nation, we can ill afford budget-busting spending bills; our economy simply cannot sustain itself if we choose to go down this path.  As families, we can ill afford rising premiums and the threat of job loss; with near double-digit unemployment, we need policies that will encourage, not hinder, job creation.  Small businesses have repeatedly stated that this bill will force them to cancel their employees’ health insurance, lay off workers or close their doors altogether.  Big businesses, like McDonalds, have been given waivers by the HHS to prevent them from cancelling coverage for millions of workers, hard evidence that the law in all practicality does not work.

“After the House repeals the law, we will start working on passing a healthcare plan that truly lowers costs and puts patients first.  I have promoted commonsense reforms like enacting meaningful medical liability reform, allowing Americans to buy insurance across state lines and promoting wellness and prevention.  I also support allowing children under 26 to stay on their parent’s coverage and making sure health plans cannot deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions.  These simple solutions are attainable without a complete government-takeover of the healthcare system that Americans neither want nor can afford.”