Congresswoman Capito has long been a supporter of pro-growth economic policies that stimulate the economy and create jobs.  She believes in a low-rate tax system which fosters an environment for growth and brings certainty to the marketplace.  The Congresswoman has continuously supported extending the current low tax rates for all West Virginians.  Capito has worked hard to ensure job-killing tax increases won’t hit American individuals, families, and small businesses.

Middle-income families across America face the risk of several temporary tax provisions expiring.  Many of these policies benefit West Virginians, which is why the Congresswoman continues to call for extended relief from the marriage penalty, an increased child tax credit, and the elimination of the estate tax.

Finally, The Congresswoman believes fundamentally reforming our tax code is a priority for the 113th Congress.  The current system of U.S. taxation is too complex and difficult to administer and comprehensive tax reform will strengthen our economy by making the tax code fairer, simpler, and flatter.  A system that spurs greater investment, innovation, and job creation will make West Virginia workers and businesses more competitive.